18 Wheels Of Love – Drive-By Truckers (#555)

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18 Wheels Of Love – Drive-By Truckers

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While the info for on this page and the streaming Spotify link are for the album version of this song, my actual selection is for their extended version performed live at Austin City Limits that is featured in the above YouTube link. 


Written By: Patterson Hood 
Guitar, Vocals: Patterson Hood
Guitar, Vocals: 
Mike Cooley
Steel Guitar, Vocals: 
John Neff
Bass, Vocals: 
Adam Howell 
Matt Lane
Harmony Vocals: Redneck Greece
Producer: Andy Baker, Andy LeMaster & Drive-By Truckers
Studio: Chase Park Transduction – Athens, GA
Record Label: Soul Dump Records / New West Records (Reissue)

Live Personnel: 

Guitar, Vocals: Patterson Hood
Guitar, Vocals: Mike Cooley 
Guitar: John Neff
Bass, Vocals: Shonna Tucker
Drums: Brad Morgan
Keyboards: Jay Gonzalez


Song Meanings


Original Release: Drive-By Truckers – Gangstabilly 
Original Release Date: 1998.03.24

Additional Releases:

2005 – Gangstabilly (Reissue) 

Live Versions:

2000 – Alabama Ass Whuppin’
2009 – Live From Austin, TX


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