What in the world is going on here?

Well, first I cataloged a million songs, and then —

Wait, a MILLION songs?

Well, when I started thinking about this project in mid-2017, I had about 800,000 songs. I figured I would start, and by the time I got through them, I would have the rest. Then, right before the New Year I got a database export with about 950,000 songs. I’ve been trying to combine them and delete duplicates. My guess best is that I have about 1,500,000 songs.


So, I’ve sorted them in alphabetical order, and then I started listening to them that way.


Well, I found it kind of freeing to start judging individual songs outside the context of their albums, completely outside of my expectations of artist, time period or genre. I found really interesting songs I hadn’t heard, and probably never would have listened to otherwise.

OK, so then what?

I decided to take the project public on 1/1/18. I started work on a template for individual songs, which I’ve never seen anyone do. There’s plenty of web pages dedicated to artists and albums, but nothing like this I’d really ever seen. I tried to view each page as a baseball card for songs, although I do lean on links to other sites to do a lot of the heavy lifting.

I’ve been posting three songs a day, and on Mondays, I’ve been posting a mixtape, about an hour in length, of the songs posted.

How can I follow along with what you post?

Well, there’s a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page. (I’ve been trying to encourage people to join the Group, and hope that it will spark some conversation.)

There’s also a Spotify and YouTube Playlist and Account, which are usually updated daily.

There’s a Twitter account, and mixes will be posted on Mixcloud.